Weird Republic is twenty pieces of my mind – twenty selected essays that capture the weird essence of our American republic. Our homeland is bursting with celebrity cop-killers, racial racketeers, fact-challenged feminists, junk science hoaxers, jackbooted schoolmarms, homicidal religious fanatics and a torture squad commander who is adored by millions. In twenty fact-packed essays you will meet them all.

Discover how the Electoral College defends the political health of our country and why liberals are so eager to destroy it. Find out why the homosexual rape, torture and murder of a thirteen-year-old boy was simply “not news” to the liberal media.

Explore the inner dimensions of the campaigns to trash Christmas. Find out why men looking at women behave like rats on cocaine. Meet the real Al Sharpton. Confront the fanatical Muslim minds that seek to destroy us. This is 352 pages of rewarding reading in paperback and Kindle. You can grab it at Here are 3 reviews:

“Thomas Clough’s writing reminds me a great deal of another political and social critic of our times, Tom Wolfe. Like Wolfe, he combines a passionate skepticism with a high degree of caustic humor. No target escapes Clough’s critiques in ‘Weird Republic’ – and unlike many right-wing ‘talking heads’ in the news media, Clough is not merely a polemicist but a thorough analyst who always has solid facts to back up his views. Why his website seems so obscure is a mystery to me; he is more skilled as a writer than the vast majority of people who have blogs and other websites. I definitely recommend . . .”
By A. Kent-Isaac

“These 20 essays are perfectly written with the proper amount of scorn, bluntness and sanity. A primer, an introduction to those folks no longer afraid to read reasoned, unpopular speech.”
By Mark S. Edwards

“If your mind is controlled by TV and mainstream media steer clear of this book. If, however, you value truth over cheerleading for your political team, then prepare to feast. This collection is an antidote for the poison of corporate media, progressive education and politics as usual. You will recognize the cold hard diamond of truth in these well researched, calmly presented articles. Were this world what it should be, Clough would be revered as a philosopher. But in a world where truth is feared by some, hated by others, no doubt his writings will be limited to those few readers who can break through the web of mind control to think for themselves. Be one of them.”
By Loth E. Unidoth

My heartfelt thanks to my loyal readers of the past ten years. It is your daily encouragement that keeps me digging for the truth.

Best wishes,
Tom Clough